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USDOS Announces November Priority Dates For Filing Permanent Residency Applications

October 17, 2018

The following priority dates determine whether an employment-based applicant may file an I-485 adjustment application in the United States or a DS-230 application at a consulate abroad for permanent residency.

Category World China El Salvador
India Mexico Philippines
EB-1 6/1/18 10/1/17 6/1/18 10/1/17 6/1/18 6/1/18
EB-2 C 6/15/15 C 5/22/09 C C
EB-3 C 8/8/15 C 10/1/09 C 7/1/17
EB-3 Other C 6/1/08 C 10/1/09 C 7/1/17

“C” indicates that the category is current, meaning that the application can be filed. If a date is shown, then your priority date must be on or before that date in order for your application to be filed.