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USDOS Announces April Priority Dates For Filing Permanent Residency Applications

March 27, 2017

The following priority dates determine whether an applicant may file for permanent residency during the month of April 2017.

Category Country of Chargeability Priority Date Comment
EB-1 Worldwide Current Unchanged
EB-1 China Current Unchanged
EB-1 India Current Unchanged
EB-1 Mexico Current Unchanged
EB-1 Philippines Current Unchanged
EB-2 Worldwide Current Unchanged
EB-2 China January 15, 2013 Advanced 1 month
EB-2 India June 22, 2008 Advanced 3 weeks
EB-2 Mexico Current Unchanged
EB-2 Philippines Current Unchanged
EB-3 Worldwide February 15, 2017 Advanced 2.5 months
EB-3 China August 15, 2014 Advanced 5 months
EB-3 India March 24, 2005 Advanced 2 days
EB-3 Mexico February 15, 2017 Advanced 2.5 months
EB-3 Philippines September 15, 2012 Advanced 6 months