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New PERM Submission Process

July 14, 2023

In June 2023, the Department of Labor rolled out a new electronic PERM submission process on its FLAG platform online. Many of these changes are welcome improvements to the PERM submission system and should make the process easier for both employers and attorneys. Here is what employers need to know about these changes: 

  1. There are no substantive changes to the PERM process. The regulations, FAQs, DOL guidance, and BALCA decisions have not changed.
  2. Employers will no longer be required to complete the electronic questionnaire that was previously sent after the PERM was submitted. The employer will receive an email confirming the submission of the PERM. 
  3. The previous PERM submission system will remain available for accessing previous PERM submissions, but will not process PERM submissions going forward. 
  4. An employer will no longer be required to maintain its own PERM submission account. The account may be managed entirely by the attorney of record and both the attorney and the employer will receive an email from the system once the PERM application has been submitted. 

Though these changes are long-awaited improvements to the PERM submission process, the overall PERM process remains extremely complex and nuanced. Our firm recommends speaking with an experienced employment immigration attorney before beginning the PERM process. 

If your company would like assistance navigating the complex PERM process, our firm would love to serve your company. Please contact our office using the Contact Use form.