The following priority dates determine whether an applicant may file for permanent residency during the month of November 2017.

Category Country of Chargeability Priority Date Comment
EB-1 Worldwide Current Unchanged
EB-1 China Current Unchanged
EB-1 India Current Unchanged
EB-1 Mexico Current Unchanged
EB-1 Philippines Current Unchanged
EB-2 Worldwide Current Unchanged
EB-2 China June 15, 2013 Advanced 3 weeks
EB-2 India October 8, 2008 Advanced 3 weeks
EB-2 Mexico Current Unchanged
EB-2 Philippines Current Unchanged
EB-3 Worldwide Current Unchanged
EB-3 China February 1, 2014 Advanced 1 month
EB-3 India October 15, 2006 Unchanged
EB-3 Mexico Current Unchanged
EB-3 Philippines January 15, 2016 Advanced 6 weeks

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